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Research suggest 80% of brain development happens in first 3 years of child’s life and first 4 months are the most important one.

After hours of talking with child development experts, we have designed absolutely must have toys for babies.

Newborn montessori toys | 0-4 months old baby toys


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I cannot recommend the Babysteps Newborn Playkit enough!

As a first-time mom, I had no idea what toys my newborn needed, but this kit had everything. The value for money is incredible, and the toys are perfect for their stage of development. Plus, the support from the Babysteps team was amazing – they answered all my questions and made sure I felt confident using the kit. Finally, it was great to support an Australian company with fast delivery. Thank you, Babysteps!

Christine P (mom of 2 weeks old)

Value for money!

If you’re a new parent, you need the Babysteps Newborn Playkit in your life! It has everything you need to stimulate your baby’s development and keep them engaged. The value for money is outstanding – I was blown away by how much was included. And the support from the Babysteps team is top-notch. They’re always available to answer questions and provide guidance. Plus, it’s great to support an Australian company with fast delivery. Highly recommend!”

Jesslin D (mom of 1 month old)

Here’s What’s Exactly Included In this Playkit

12 exclusive hand picked toys and support material in one BOX. Thats $12.5/piece.

The newborn is becoming increasingly aware of their new world. This Play Kit helps them build connections in the brain with high contrast images and crinkle sounds that baby needs. The Playkit includes all the necessary development boosters your little one needs.

  • Black and white cards and crinkle books to support early visual development.
  • Rattle and montessori roller for sound tracking and hearing development
  • Baby essentials and pram toys to make travelling easy for new born parents
  • Child development toys to make brain neurones strong and stimulate senses

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There are 12 products that are specifically designed to give your baby best start in life.

babysteps png correct size

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