125 Montessori Activities

Spend more time with baby rather than researching!

We have you covered! Our activity sheet is filled with 125 activities divided across 6 different development areas as per age.

newborn activities download

6 Unique Benefits

Easily manage weekly activities by ticking the box.

Activities are divided as per baby’s age and suggested by early childhood educator.

Instead of spending time researching on social media, download this activity sheet and spend more time with baby.

We frequently update the activity sheet. We will notify when new activities are added.

Receive free monthly guide on what to expect when as baby grows.

If you are like our activities, you can request our free montessori toys guide. Absoluletly, no strings attahed.


Hundreds of happy parents

Thank you so much for sharing this valuable infromation. It has made my life easy with newborn.


Activity sheet allowed me to spend more time with my baby. I printed it and stick on the wall. I print new sheet every week to make my life easy.


OMG!! I love this activities as I don’t much materials to do this activities. I also liked the play guide provided with this activities.


WOW! I mean really wow! I use this activity sheet for my 6 month old and I love the fact it allows me to rotate activities by simply ticking the box. Thank you so much for sharing this with me 🙂


I loved this activities and fact that i don’t have to spend single second researching new activities is amazing.

Lee Barrette

The activity sheet is to the point and helpful. I like that it allows me to focus on particular developmental area that Arya currently developing.