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“As a child development expert, I am deeply moved by the Babysteps Newborn Programme. It goes beyond providing practical resources; it offers new parents a sense of empowerment, guidance, and reassurance. Seeing parents equipped with the essential tools, tailored activities, and expert advice fills my heart with joy, knowing that they are building a strong foundation for their little one’s lifelong development.”

Jenni J

Child development expert

Babysteps Newborn Programme

What’s inside



The newborn essentials checklist saved my life! I had no idea what I needed, but this programme made sure I didn’t miss a thing. It’s a must-have for any new parent!

Sarah C

Thanks to the hospital bag checklist, I felt fully prepared and confident on the big day. It relieved so much stress and allowed me to focus on the miracle of childbirth. Highly recommend!

Michael R

The baby activities provided in this programme are pure magic. They engage my little one and support their development. It’s amazing to see my baby learn and grow with each tailored activity.

Emily M

The milestone tracking is such a wonderful feature. It’s incredibly fulfilling to see my baby reach new milestones and celebrate their achievements. This programme keeps those special moments close to my heart.

Lisa K

The best parenting methods shared in this programme are a game-changer. They have given me the confidence to navigate the challenges of parenthood and raise a happy, healthy child. Thank you!

David S

Having 150 common questions answered in one place is a lifesaver for a new mom like me. This programme provides the reassurance and guidance I need, making me feel supported every step of the way.

Jessica H

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