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125 Montessori activities as per child’s age

125 montessori activities divided in 5 development areas. Easy to manage activities that your child will love repeating again and again.

Activities are put together by montessori teacher that requires just household things or your time.

Just tick off the days and rotate the activities throughout the week to provide a well-rounded play and learning experience for your little one

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Activities are great for any parent with newborn to 12 month. Activities divided in different development area allows parents to focus on particular child development skill. Must have activity sheet!

-Montessori Teacher with 5 years of experience

6 Unique Benefits

Weekly rotation

Easily manage weekly activities by ticking the box.

Activities by Age

Activities are divided as per baby’s age and suggested by early childhood educator.

Hours of research

Instead of spending time researching on social media, download this activity sheet and spend more time with baby.

Free Updates

We frequently update the activity sheet. We will notify when new activities are added.

Milestone guide

Receive free monthly guide on what to expect when as baby grows.

Free Toys Guide

If you are like our activities, you can request our free montessori toys guide. Absolutely, no strings attached.

“Perfect Activity for My Baby !!”

Thank you so much for sharing this valuable infromation. It has made my life easy with newborn.


“I can spend more time with my baby now !”

Activity sheet allowed me to spend more time with my baby. I printed it and stick on the fridge. I print new sheet every week to make my life easy.


“Amazing Sheet!”

OMG!! I love this activities as I don’t much materials to do this activities. I also liked the play guide provided with this activities.


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Download our free Montessori guide now and start giving your baby the education they deserve!”

babysteps png correct size