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40 Fun Activities for Monetssori Toddler.

How to keep toddler busy without toys

For limited time, receive FREE 40 Montessori Activities Using Household Items!

This is must have activity sheet for parents who has toddler who doesn’t play with same toy longer time and getting bored.

Easy to do montessori activities with options to rotate it weekly.

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As a Montessori teacher, I highly recommend this activity list to parents as one of the best I have seen. It makes parenting much easier and ensures your child has engaging and beneficial activities. Give it a try and see for yourself!

6 reasons to download this activity


These activities are designed to teach important life skills and encourage the development of essential learning and cognitive abilities in children.


With 40 engaging and enjoyable activities to choose from, your child will never get bored and will always look forward to learning.


All the activities can be done using everyday household items, making it easy and affordable for parents to engage in learning activities with their children.


The activity sheet has weekdays next to each activity. Simply tick on the activity that you like to do on the day. Rotate it weekly so that it never gets boring for your child.