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At Babysteps we have chosen the best materials and designed our toys so they suit your child’s needs at each stage of development.

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Overwhelmed by the toy choices for children?

No matter the age of your child, choosing the right toys to stimulate brain development can be difficult. With so many options out there, it is easy to wonder if any of them are worth the money.

As children grow, their brain needs different types and levels of stimulation. We take the guesswork out of choosing which toys are best for baby at particular stage.

By choosing Babysteps toys box, you know you are giving the best start to your child in life. Try our age based toys box today without commitment!

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Paediatrician Approved Montessori Toy Box

Stage Based Baby Learning Toys

Newborn Playkit

0-4 months

Roller Playkit

5-6 months

Crawler Playkit

7-8 months

Explorer Playkit

9-10 months

Curious Playkit

11+ months

How baby toys box works?

Baby toys box means more time with your baby


I have questions about playkits

No, there is no commitment. Just pick up a kit and start playing! We have developed our toys so that they provide learning opportunities right from birth all the way until early childhood development. You can order the playkit as per baby’s age and buy again next playkit if you like.

80% of brain development happens in first 3 years of life. Baby is learning from day one. Our montessori toy box are designed to provide your child development she needs at the particular age.

We are so glad you discovered Montessori toys! They are expertly designed to stimulate motor functions, brain development, and social skills in children of all ages. Montessori toys provide best play time with learning specific skills.

We understand that every child develops differently. Our subscription boxes are the foundation for accelerated learning through development. Why not add that extra layer of confidence when it comes to your child’s growth?

Absolutely not. Babies love playing with same toys for a while and then they need new toys. Babies learn through repetition. Introduce same toy after two weeks and you will see they engage with same toys again.

Our suggested age range is for guidance only. It is not the must. Depending where your child is in the developmental stage, you can either choose to purchase 5-6 month old or 7-8 month old kit. All the toys are used by babies for years. Our shipping takes only 2-5 days so there is no buffer time you need to add in deciding relevant playkit.

Why shop with us?

How do I make purchase?

How do I choose playkit?


Select the Right Start

We have developed montessori toys by age. Choose the baby toys box based on baby’s current age.


Learn through play

Each box is packed with expertly chosen age-appropriate toys to encourage intentional play and skill development. Plus, toys will be used over and over through rotation.


Connect through play

Time flies by so quickly. Save yourself some trouble and focus on making memories with your child instead of worrying about research–we’ll send in bite size readings every week!

What customers say?

100s of happy customers of products. We combined best products for your child’s age to save your time and money.

The Play Kits are a game changer! I never thought about getting toys before as we’re advocates for natural parenting, but Babysteps made play time meaningful and fun without having to bring along hundreds of plastic pieces – our kid is beyond happy!!


We are overjoyed with the contents of our box. We can’t stop looking at how Christopher loves all the toys.


The Babysteps Play Kits have been a godsend for our family! We noticed so much concentration and fine motor skills in Sophie, compared to other children her age. It’s clear that having the right materials at an early age made all of the difference – we’re thankful beyond words!!


Watching my son figure it out was a wonderful moment. I can’t believe how much thought he went through just to make an observation about something we both know very well.


The third playkit I ordered from this company has been the most enjoyable one yet! My daughter loves every toy in it, and she plays with them constantly through rotation. The guide that came along with my purchase made life easier by helping me decide which activities would be best for us to do together at home or on our own time while exploring independence more fully than ever before-you won’t regret ordering anything if you’re looking into Montessori toys.


I’m so happy I found this company. They provide the best developmental toys for babies and their shipping is fast! The product was delivered next day, which made me even more thrilled because it means that I don’t have to waste a second wasting my time looking for toys or ordering from overseas companies.


0-12 month Weekly Activity sheet

125 activities for children ages newborn to 12 months that can be rotated weekly.


What child experts say

We know it is difficult to find the best toys for your child. That’s why we have pediatricians approve each expertly designed toy that is included in our subscription boxes. We do the verifying and authenticating, so you don’t have to.

It’s hard to believe that anything this good could be made for children. The playkits has everything a child needs in order develop visual skills, alongside making them stronger neuroens! It is truly remarkable how these creators have revolutionized parenting by making it easy on both parent and kid alike.

Well done to Babysteps for creating such a great product that not only aligns with the principles of Montessori but also comes complete with research on how best use these toys. We admire their hard work and dedication in providing parents what they need!

Our vision

Why we developed baby toys box?

At Babysteps, we know you want to help your child learn and grow in every aspect. To do that, you need the right toys, geared toward their specific age. The goal is to find the perfect set of toys that accelerate your child’s mind while allowing them to learn new skills. However, the problem is that stores are stocked with plastic toys that aren’t expertly designed for learning. We believe there is an easier way.

Our subscription boxes are packed with age-appropriate Montessori toys that are expertly designed to stimulate your child’s brain. Each toy is consulted by paediatrician and designed by child development experts, so you can be confident in the quality of play you’re providing for your child.

By purchasing a baby educational toy subscription box today, you’re guaranteeing your child the perfect foundation for learning through play. We know your child will love our baby development toys, and you’ll love observing and seeing your child overcoming new learning milestones everyday!