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Babies grow up really fast. As parents, you feel amazed over how quickly your kid can sit up, walk, roll over, and grasp objects. Therefore, you should not miss out on any opportunity to play with them.

Toddlers can play and will play with anything lying around them. You can perform basic activities to make them feel happy and encourage them to develop gross motor skills. This blog states five easy ways using which you can play with your kid and make the most out of your time.

Ways to play with your kid

By playing games with your baby, you can gain the experience of hearing the best sound in the world; their giggle. It is an adorable sound which will light up your day. Therefore, play with them whenever you get time to make them and yourself feel happy.

Use blocks

Playing with blocks allows kids to have strong fine motor skills and advanced language. They can sort and stack different blocks together and develop hand and eye coordination. However, while sorting and stacking, children often communicate with their parents and explain the things that they are creating. It helps them to develop language skills much faster.

Silly faces

Make silly faces, sounds, and movements in front of your kid. It is a simple yet fun way to play with babies and they love it. Sit face-to-face with your toddler and make funny faces with big expressions. Raise your eyebrows or stick out your tongue. It will amuse them and make them giggle loudly.

Tummy time

Help your baby to spend time laying on their tummy. It will allow them to experience a change of position as they spend the majority of their time lying on their back. Hold a toy and slowly raise it off the surface. It will encourage your kid to lift their head off the surface by pushing their arms.

Attractive toys

Play with your baby by offering them visually attractive toys. Choose toys that make noise, talk, or flash colours. Move it from side to side and encourage their visual tracking. If your baby is sitting up, hand him the toys and help them learn to use their muscles.

Stretch out

Begin the play of stretching out when your kid is about three months. Put them on their back and gently hold their ankles in your hand. Bend their knees and slowly stretch their legs towards you.

By doing so, you can enhance their flexibility level and help them to feel overjoyed since their legs are up in the air. Make it more fun and interesting by connecting it with different stories and kissing their tiny feet. 


There are several games that you can play with your kid using basic household items, your voice, face, and hands. Try to play a different game whenever you can while helping them learn different skills. Ensure that you play the games when your kid is well-rested or needs distraction from something.

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