9 Ways To Calm Your Baby During Fussy Periods | Mom Tips from Babysteps

1. Soothing Yourself First

If you are stressed and exhausted then you are going to have to troubleshoot your baby. So first you need to calm yourself.

2. Gently Rock Your Baby

This helps the baby to settle down and sleep.

3. Give A Warm Bath

A warm bath can help your baby to sleep easily.

4. Massage Your Baby

Massage helps the baby to stay relaxed.

5. Feed Your Baby

Mostly baby cries when they are hungry so feed them.

6. Wrap Your Baby

This can help your baby feel secure.

7. Sing To Your Baby

White noise will help the baby to calm down.

8. Check Baby’s Nappy

Sometimes baby cries because of wet or dirty diapers.

9. Gas

Burp your baby

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