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Specious and organised

It is frustrating to find a small bottle of nappy rash cream in the entire bag while changing nappy in the changing room. In addition, the latest nappy bags do consider functionalities that are specifically designed to meet new parental day-to-day needs. 

For example, 

Easy access to tissues: functionality to allow to take the tissues out without opening the nappy bag.  

Compartment to keep wet clothes separate to dry ones

Accommodates essential baby belongings without giving a lot of stress to carry different bags for different things 

Pockets for different types of bottles including insulated pockets to keep warm milk warm


Nappy bags are used for a long time: Consider the length of time you will be carrying the bag, it needs to be comfortable, and belts need to have nonslippery padded materials and wider belts. 

Backpack vs side bags: A backpack is a better option as it not only allows to keep hands free but also distribute weight evenly on shoulders compare to side bags 

Unisex: Nappy backpacks are considered unisex bags hence can be used by the father of the baby as well compare to tote bags.

Build in crib with mosquito net

Imaging the stuff, you will be carrying with you for one baby. What if you have more than one child? It would become a nightmare to carry a separate crib with you on top of it. Some of the latest 2021 year-designed bags have been built in the crib which allows you to convert nappy bags into changing pads.

Travel outside and enjoy nature: Allows parents to sit in the park without being worried about mosquitoes.

Changing mat is a must: Ability to convert nappy bag into the crib while changing the nappy

Additional functionalities

Never run out of battery: Charging the phone while you are traveling

Stroller clips: Considering everyone prefers lightweight prams, these prams don’t have enough space at the bottom. Nappy bags have stroller straps that allow you to hang the nappy bag to pram. Also, you can hang toys in nappy bags.

Considering the functionality nappy bags provide, they will be used for at least the first four years every time you go outside the home.

It is important to invest in a nappy bag with durable material and the latest design functionality.

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