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Have you ever accidentally placed a tissue box in front of your baby and discovered how he or she enjoys removing facial tissues from the box? You must have seen them putting them in their mouth which may be a concern. However, as parents, you must know that the earliest type of play is mouthing among the children which allows them further to learn about the world. 

The idea of pulling and putting the tissue inside the back gives them a sense of confinement that one thing can fit inside the other at a young age. On the other hand, keeping the playfulness of the children in mind, there are magic tissues available these days which are organic cotton tissues and are suitable for oral use. 

However, what parents often think of is what are the benefits of playing with a Montessori magic tissue box and the ways one can play with it. 

What are Montessori Magic Tissue Boxes and How are they Helpful?

What are Montessori Magic Tissue Boxes and How are they Helpful?

The Montessori magic tissue box is similar to any regular tissue box in appearance but they are interactive and basic. These help your baby to explore and learn the ways of emptying and then eventually filling the containers promoting the development of a baby by week. 

However, these are such skills which will take them, particularly years to master. The Montessori magic tissue box is safe for newborns, toddlers and young children. 

Furthermore, allowing your child to play with these toys helps in developing fine motor skills, problem-solving, counting, colour sorting, image reflection, sensory exploration with textures, and an interactive game with plenty of imagination are all included in this STEM activity.

Different Ways Babies Can Play with the Montessori Magic Tissue Boxes

Different Ways Babies Can Play

The different ways in which babies can play with the Montessori magic tissue boxes include the following

Object Stability

One of the first ways you can play with the Montessori magic tissue box is object stability. You can use the tissues to partially conceal other toys and then wait for your child to discover them. 

This serves as an introduction to the concept of object stability, which holds that even if something temporarily vanishes, it still persists. When playing with the magic tissue box, make sure to narrate to your infant by assisting them by asking where the hidden object is and then showing it to them.

Tactile Investigation

It is through the touch receptors in the fingertips that allow the baby receives information about the environment. 

So the next way you can play with them is by putting the vibrant tissues in front of them on the floor in a basket or on a tray so they can explore them freely while lying on their stomachs or while sitting with support.

Reaching and Grabbing

If your child is at the stage of grabbing during tummy time, then you need to turn the box onto their side and encourage them to try to take the tissues out. You can increase the difficulty as they master this talent by moving the tissue box farther away. 

Or you can simply sit there and bring the tissue close to them and then pull it a bit far away when it is close to their reach. Doing this will encourage your child to stretch, reach, and push off, as a result, strengthening their neck, shoulders, and back muscles.


Every infant loves to play Peekaboo and the magic tissue box allows you to do the same without any problem. You can play the game to extend the lesson. All you need to do is put one of the  Magic Tissues over your face, then peek out from behind it. Also, you can narrate sentences like where are you baby? 

And then grasp them gently to know that you have found them. When separation anxiety sets in, your infant may find comfort in understanding that you are still there even when you are not in sight. Playing peekaboo can make your infant feel happier and even build a strong connection between you two.


As you now know the benefits and ways of playing with a Montessori magic tissue box – it will surely help your child explore the concept of object performance. They are considered to be safe as they have rounded edges. Also, these come with washable and colourful tissues that offer visual stimulation. Check out some of these toys from this link to delight your baby and surprise them.

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