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There is a lot of debate surrounding the best montessori baby toys. Some parents argue that traditional toys are best, while others swear by montessori toys. So, what are the best montessori baby toys?

Some of the benefits of montessori toys include promoting independent play, encouraging exploration and discovery, and helping to develop fine motor skills.

Below is a list of some of the best montessori baby toys:

Solid wood baby rattle

This toy is made out of wood, and with a design is classic. To make use of this toy, it is common for babies to roll it on the floor & the ball inside it will make a rattling sound. The toy can be an effective way of grabbing the child’s attention, more especially when burst in tantrums.

Focus skills: motor skills, sensory skills, tactile skills

How does it help in a baby’s development?

The wooden baby rattle toy helps the baby develop their grasp as they pick up and hold tightly onto this toy. It’s also a fabulous way to learn about cause and effect as they hear the rattling sound when it is shaken and rolled on the floor. Finally, it also helps in boosting their motor skills growth as they try to pick up and hold on to this solid wooden rattle.

The Black and White Baby Soft Cloth Book Toy

The Black and White Baby Soft Cloth Book Toy is the perfect choice when you want to be sure your baby has access to entertainment and fun, but you don’t have time to sit and read books with them every day. It’s easy to use and clean, so you can rest assured that it will be one of your baby’s favourite toys.

Focus skills: visual skills, motor skills, cognitive skills

How does it help with child development?

It is perfect for children who are starting to learn about basic concepts such as numbers or alphabets. Again the large size is just right for small hands, so it’s ideal for storytime with your infants or toddlers. Lastly It features high contrasting black and white colors, along with familiar illustration such as animals and toys. With these elements on each page, babies can easily follow along with mom or dad during story time.

Interlocking disc toy

The interlocking disc toy comprises two interlocking pieces of a wooden disc with beautiful textures. They are easy for babies to grip & play with as they try to pull them apart or push them around.

Focus skills: visual memory skills, sensory skills, cognitive skills

How does it help in a baby’s development?

Pushing this disc toy allows them to exercise their hand muscles too. This develops the muscular & skeletal systems in their arms & fingers, thus encouraging them to grab things in their surroundings.

Montessori grasping ball: 

The Montessori grasping ball is a great toy to get your baby started. It contains various textures such as crinkly paper and soft fabric, which makes it easy & pleasant on the hands for babies of all ages. The grasping ball is typically hung from the baby’s crib, highchair, or playpen. This way, when your child is awake, they can look around to find something to play with. This activity satisfies your kid’s curiosity.  

Focus Skills: Hand eye coordination, Grasping Skills, Fine Motor skills

How it helps the child’s development?

The toy allows the baby to explore different textures through this grasping ball encourages your child’s fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and pincer grasp. Fine motor skills are essential in developing writing skills, tying shoes, or buttoning a shirt. Hand-eye coordination is essential for many things such as reading, sports, etc. Lastly, a pincer grasp is crucial to holding objects between your thumb and forefinger (thumb opposing your other four fingers). This skill is needed for holding a pencil, a spoon, a crayon, etc. But basically, the benefits of the grasping ball are endless. This is just one of many great Montessori products.

Panda wobbler toy:

Next, we have the panda wobbler toy. It’s a unique toy that only requires the baby to push it around and watch as the panda top spins around. This is quite an exciting toy for babies because it holds their attention for quite a long time. Again It works is simple; all you need to do is push the button on the panda toy and watch as it spins around.

Focus Skills: Fine Motor Skills, Tactile skills

How it helps child development?

This wooden toy will help your baby develop a lot of skills. For instance the tactile sense is firstly developed, as they can feel the wooden texture. Secondly, they are developing their hand-eye coordination as they try to catch the panda with its string tail. Finally, it stimulates their motor skills as they push & watch the panda spin around.

Wooden Textile drum spinning toy:

Next, we have the wooden textile drum spinning toy. It resembles a wooden drum that the child can spin around. The design is effortless; all required for the child to do is hold the toy and spin it around. As the drum spins, the colors on the drum will spin around as well. What’s more impressive is the rattling sound it produces as it spins, which will further notch up the child’s experience.

How it helps the child’s development?

Focus Skills: Tactile skills, Motor skills

This toy engages almost all of your baby’s senses. The tactile sense is activated as they can feel the wood on their hands. The sounds coming from the drum stimulate their auditory senses. Visual play is also triggered as they watch the wooden drum spin around. Finally, they will engage their motor skills by making the drum spin faster or slower with their hands.  

Montessori Imbucare Box:

Last but not least is the Montessori Object Permanence Box. It’s a wooden cube with a circular opening at its top. It comes with a ball which should be inserted into the box then retaken out of it. The baby will definitely enjoy the experience of placing the ball into the box then taking it out. It’s a perfect way to introduce the baby to object permanence as they have fun with it.

Focus Skills: Cognitive Skills (Depth & perception), Fine Motor skills Eyetracking Skills

How does it helps the child development?

This toy enhances hand-eye coordination as they grab and move items around. It also improves their fine motor skills as they place the ball into the box then take it out again. Again this toy also builds an understanding of object permanence.

Children ball toy different textures

These ball toys are classic & almost every child loves them. They come in different sizes, colors, and textures. Your cherub will love bouncing & chasing these around and feeling the different textures. You can rarely go wrong with these ball toys.

Focus Skills: sensory skills

How do they help the child’s development?

These balls help with the child’s development in various ways. For example, they help with hand-eye coordination as the child tries to keep track of the ball. Second, they help with gross motor skills as the child bounces and runs around after the ball. Third, they help with sensory development as the child feels the different textures on the balls. Fourth, they help with cognitive development as the child tries to remember where the ball was hidden or what colour it is. Try to mix with different texture & see if the baby has interest in some colours or textures- simply observe how long they focus on one object and how quickly they move onto another.

Stacking cups

The stacking cups are excellent toys  for babies to improve their fine motor skills & problem solving skills. The baby will pile up or stack up the pieces to make a tower. As the tower gets taller, the baby will have to use more hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills to keep the tower from toppling over. This is a great way to keep the child enthused and challenged as they improve mentally.

Focus Skills: creativity, cognitive skills, motor skills

How does it helps the child’s development?

Babies have a short attention span, and keeping them entertained is a challenge. If you’re stumped on what to get your little one as a gift, consider investing in some stacking cups. Stacking cups encourage creativity, concentration and counting skills—plus they help with problem-solving skills and dexterity. Stack ‘em up!

Wooden Montessori scratching box

One of the most favourite baby toys for the 7-8-month-old is the wooden Montessori scratching box. Press the cat’s claw stick & the ball rises from the bottom of the box. Babys love this kind of stuff, and it’s a great way to help them learn cause and effect. The box is also textured so your baby can scratch it and explore their tactile senses.

Focus Skills: motor skills, sensory skills

How does it help the child’s development?

This toy helps improve a child’s dexterity and hand-eye coordination. As your baby plays with the scratching box, they’ll learn to firmly control their movements and grasp objects. The toy is also a great way to promote problem-solving skills; as your baby gets older, they’ll learn how to figure out how to make the ball rise from the bottom of the box.

Round Knobbed puzzle

Next up on our list of baby toys is the round knobbed puzzle. It’s a round wooden board with colourful knobs sticking out of it. The game’s object is to fit the knobs back into their corresponding holes. The baby will have fun trying to figure out how to fit them back in, and it will help with their hand-eye coordination.

Focus Skills: cognitive skills

How does it help in child development?

The round knobbed puzzle is a great way to help the child develop their hand-eye coordination. They will have to use both hands to work on the puzzle, and they will also have to use their eyes to figure out where each knob goes. This is a skill they will need for later in life when they learn how to write and button their clothes. The round knobbed puzzle is also a great way to help the child develop their problem-solving skills. They will have to figure out how to fit the knobs back into their holes, and they may even have to try a few different tactics before they finally get it right.  They will need later in life to solve complex problems.

Montessori Imbucare Pegbox:

Eleven months old is often about the time when kids begin working on one-to-one correspondence & eye coordination. And that’s what a Montessori peg box is all about. It’s a wooden peg box filled with circular pegs of varying sizes & young children delight in arranging, fitting and rearranging the colorful pegs inside the circular holes.

Focus skills: problem solving skills, sensory skills

How does it help in child development?

The Montessori imbucare peg box can help improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. It also helps with dexterity and problem-solving skills. The toys also help build the child’s focusing skills, as they need to pay close attention to the task to be successful. If your baby shows an interest in this toy, be sure to encourage them and praise their accomplishments.

Natural Wooden Rattle Beech

Up next is the wooden rattle ring toy. This is an excellent choice for babies who are starting to develop their motor skills. The rattle ring is beech wood, a sturdy, natural material that helps with grip and dexterity. Plus, the rattle noise will keep the baby entertained for hours as they try to sort the rings & balls out. This later improves their problem solving skills.

Focus skills: sensory skills, motor skills

How does it help in child development?

The rattle ring toy helps child development by stimulating the baby’s senses. The bright colors and cheerful rattling noise will grab the baby’s attention and keep them entertained. The textured surface also helps to improve grip and dexterity, while the sturdy construction makes it safe for little ones to play with. Again, this toy is ideal for babies who crawl and explore their surroundings.

Classic Montessori egg and cup

Up next is a classic Montessori egg and cup. It’s a  simple toy that helps teach your baby about balance. To play with the egg and cup, the baby holds the egg-like toy and tries to place it in the cup. They can also try to balance the egg on top of the cup.

Focus skills: problem solving skills, sensory skills, motor skills, social skills

How does it help the child’s development?

The egg and cup are helpful for the child’s development because it teaches them how to hold objects with precision. They learn to grasp the egg with their thumb and pointer finger and then put it into the cup. This toy also encourages hand-eye coordination, as the child needs to watch what they are doing to complete the task.

Different shape knobbed puzzle

Finally, we have a different shape knobbed puzzle. It’s a  simple toy that helps teach your baby about shapes and colors. To play with this toy, the baby needs to match the different shapes on the puzzle with the corresponding holes. For example, they can match the green circle with the hole with a green circle.

Focus skills: problem solving skills, sensory skills

How does it help the child’s development?

The puzzle is helpful for the child’s development because it teaches the child about shapes and colors. They learn to identify different shapes, and they also learn to match colors. This toy also helps with hand-eye coordination, as the child needs to watch what they are doing to match the shapes correctly. Learning about shapes and colors is an integral part of a child’s development and will serve useful in the early years of school.

Stacking rings

Stacking rings are children’s favorite first toys because they are easy to use and plain fun. All a child has to do is pick up a ring, toss it in one stack, then pick up another ring and toss it on top of that stack, creating a tower of sorts. The higher that tower gets, the more concentration and fun for the child.

Focus skills: cognitive skills, problem solving, sensory skills, hand eye coordination

How does it help the child’s development?

Stacking rings are a great toy to help preschoolers develop their fine motor skills, as well as their problem solving and critical thinking skills. To play with these stacking rings, children must use cognitive thought in order to figure out how they can fit them all on top of one another. It is a fun challenge that gets harder as your child grows older. These are perfect if you have older siblings who like to mess with your little ones’ toys! Teach kids that by working together, they can create something greater than what they could do alone. This toy also improves social skills like taking turns, playing with others and sharing because children will have to take turns stacking them. This can also lead children to use communication skills when playing with others so they have an easier time making friends at school or in daycare.

Balls with drawers

Up next, we have balls with drawers. The toy looks exactly what it sounds like – a drawer-like wooden box with colored balls. Babies can open the drawer and match color balls with matching color drawer to play with the toy. Your cherub will have fun trying to fit the balls into their corresponding slots or play pretend game as they try to put household items into the drawers.

Focus skills: Cognitive skills, sensory skills

How does it help the child’s development?

The idea of having a ball with drawers is to sparks the child’s creativity  & imagination as they try to play pretend games and more. For example, your baby can put an imaginary assortment of things in each drawer( books, cooking utensils and so on). This activity improves your baby’s creative & also helps them learn object permanence which is basically knowing that when you hide something you are aware that it exists even though you can’t see it at that time.

Pincher Puzzle

Up Next, we have the Pincher Puzzle. This is a wooden cube with a cylindrical hole in the middle. The hole serves as a fitting for a wooden cylindrical pincher with the toy. So basically, to play with the toy, your baby has to fit the pincher into the hole.

Focus skills: Cognitive skills

How does it help the child’s development?

Pincher Puzzle helps child development by improving the child’s fine motor skills. As mentioned earlier, Fine Motor Skills are essential for writing, drawing, and even using a knife and fork. Not to mention that The toy also helps improve the child’s problem-solving skills. If the pincher doesn’t fit into the hole, the baby will attempt to find a way to make it fit.

Ball with drawer and whole on top

Up next, we have the Ball with a drawer and hole on top. This is a simple ball with a hole in the middle and a wooden drawer on top. Your baby will put the ball in the hole let it fall. Once the ball is in the hole, they can open the drawer and take out the ball.

Focus skills: Cognitive skills

How does it help the child’s development?

The toys help in child development by providing puzzle stimulation thus improving the child’s problem solving skills. The bright colors will feel perfect for your baby’s senses, providing them with a fun way to explore their senses. In addition, the different colors help improve the child’s knowledge of colors.

Ball push toy

The Montessori push ball toy is a wooden, lightweight toy designed for 18 months and older children. To play with it, the baby pushes the balls in the holes; the balls will roll & appear in diff rent holes. It is made of wood which makes it very sturdy and durable; that way, kids can enjoy playing with it for several years. Meanwhile, the balls toy also features an attractive colorful design that stimulates the child’s senses

Focus skills: hand eye coordination, cognitive skills

How does it help the child’s development?

The Montessori push ball toy is a  favorite of many parents for teaching children about cause and effect. It helps to develop fine motor skills by providing them with simple challenges, such as putting different objects into holes in different shapes on a wooden board. This can help develop memory and skill. Learning how to use their hands properly is essential, because it can impact many facets of development: good hand-eye coordination, for example, will set your child up for success in sports and help her avoid injury when she grows older.

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