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Sensory play is important for each kid as it helps them to develop fine motor skills. It allows babies to explore the world and make essential pathways in their brains. Sensory bottles are vessels filled with various materials that inspire sensory play in a mess-free way.

Sensory bottles are the best option to encourage sensory skills since they are extremely easy but fun to make. You can ask your kids to collect different items from around their surroundings and accumulate them in a container. If your baby is too young, create a fascinating bottle for them and keep them occupied. This blog discusses the benefits of sensory bottles and states different ways to make one.

Benefits of sensory bottles

Sensory play is the best way to expose babies to their surroundings and allow their brains to comprehend and make connections. Through the bottles, children can understand different concepts and learn skills.

For better use, parents can adapt the bottles to ensure they meet the requirements of their kids. It helps babies to learn counting, shape recognition, letters, fine motor skills, scientific concepts, and much more.

Easy ways to make sensory bottles

You can make sensory bottles of every kind based on your child’s learning and their favorite themes. Sensory bottles can be given to children for learning and exploring but can be used by adults as a calming tool as well. Firstly choose a bottle and fill it with different items that you love. Your baby can either use water to fill the bottle and watch the items float or use glue and watch them settle down.

Beach sensory bottle

Your baby might love to go around the beach and play in the sand. However, you can’t take them there every day. Instead, you can collect beach items such as sea shells, seaweed, sand, and pebbles and fill a bottle with them. Allow your kid to experience a homemade beach.

Lego sensory bottle

Is your kid interested in making LEGOs? If they are, create a sensory Lego bottle and allow them to perform cool experiments. Use different liquids and watch whether the LEGO pieces float or settle down.

Rainbow sensory bottle

Kids love to play with colors and glitters. So, create a sensory bottle of glitter and rainbow colors. It can be expensive to create something fancy, therefore, diy-ing a sensory bottle is the best idea. Fill it with glitter glue of different colors and add small colorful items.

Foamy sensory bottle

Fill a bottle with water and dish soap to create a foamy bottle. Ask your kid to shake it and witness the formation of foamy bubbles. Once the bubbles disappear, ask them to shake again. You can add glitter and colors to make it more exciting.

Season sensory bottles

Create a sensory bottle for each season using unique items of the season. During summer, create a bottle using lots of water and different flowers. The spring bottle should be calming and colorful.

During fall, gather nature items to create the bottle and fill it with snow during winter. It will teach your kid about the different seasons while keeping them distracted.


Sensory bottles are easy and inexpensive to make. They have a lot of benefits for kids and are portable as well. Create a sensory bottle depending upon your baby’s liking and have fun playing with it at home.

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