How Wooden Toys are Made?

Remember our childhood days when all we had for playing were wooden toys? Not only a bit of nostalgia, wooden toys are the best companions for children and the non-toxicity makes the deal more attractive.

But have you ever thought about how these are made and what is the process behind the beautification? Although the process for crafting wooden toys is a bit intricate, it is important that one understands why it garners so much popularity.

The material is one of the most important requirements and to top it off, expertise makes the work from beautiful to intricate.

5 Steps process to craft wooden toys

As discussed earlier, wooden toys require effort as well as a lot of methodical steps to follow. It might be segregated in to the given steps:

Step 1: Complete Drying

The first important requirement is to get the wood dried off under open air. This is done so that the wood loses all its moisture if any.

Another poignant thing to keep in mind is that one has to adopt a natural way so that the quality of the wood is not compromised.

To ensure that the quality does not fall below the requirement, it is really needed that the moisture content does not surpass more than 15%.

Step 2: Shaping it up

Once the wooden blocks have been dried, it is next put into shaping. This involves extensive cutting of the same to ensure that the blocks take up the shape of format of the desired toy.

It is very vital to ensure expertise in this stage so that the crafted toy does not lose its finish. Uneven or haphazardly finished cuts make the toy look unattractive and can also be hazardous.

Even laser cutting is used so that the precision is ensured.

Step 3: Sanding

Would you like to get your little one a wooden piece of toy which does not have a good finish and is uneven at the edges? This is the reason why the procedure of sanding is very important.

One can go for manual sanding or even machine-made sanding can be done to make the surfaces much more precise and blur-free.

Step 4: Colouring

More than the normal wooden toys, the colorful ones do grab attention and make it more lively. Once the sanding process has been executed successfully, the painting process starts.

This makes the toys much more attractive and children love possessing them as well. Initially, a coat of primer is used and after that, the final painting is applied for the best effect.

One can use the traditional method of painting and can also use spray paint for an aesthetic vibe.

Step 5: Designing/ decoration

There are numerous designs that can be exhibited on wooden toys and even with prints. The better your intricacy gets, automatically the look will also depend on that.

One can also get prints engraved for a more rustic view of the same. Wooden toys have a much better look when there are engravings made because it gives off a personal vibe.

The customisation is necessary as well so that the wooden toy becomes one of a kind and not among the masses. Depending upon the creativity of the maker, the look of the wooden toy will get enhanced.

One can even use techniques like hand painting as well. Hand painting is much more personal and gives off a legacy as well.

Step 6: Branding

The final and very crucial step is to brand the toy. If you are making it for a professional platform, remember to use logos or indicators of your brand.

Try to have a unique identity and this will help you to create a brand image as well.

Wooden toys are the best part of our legacy and the best possible resort for the safekeeping of nature as well. Have you ever wondered what will happen if we teach our kids to have a more approachable way for toys as well?

Wooden toys like this will not only last long but also serve as a treasured possession for the family as well. Wouldn’t you also love it if your kids play and grow up with the same toys that you played with when you were a little one?

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