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Gross motor skills are an essential aspect of every child’s physical development. It doesn’t matter if the kid is an infant or a preschooler since the skills are important for all ages. By developing these skills, babies can learn to crawl, roll over, sit up, and eventually walk. It even helps in visual development.

Gross motor skills refer to large movements by kids such as walking and rolling over their tummy. Keep reading to make yourself aware of the importance of the skill and activities that will help in developing the skill.

What are gross motor skills?

Gross motor skills refer to those skills that allow babies to perform large physical movements. It helps children to develop essential skills such as walking over time. These skills are essential for supporting the body of babies even before they begin to move independently. It will help them to raise their head and sit up without any support.

Importance of gross motor skills

Gross motor skills allow babies to develop efficiently without any hindrance. They begin to roll on their stomach, then crawl, and eventually begin walking. It is a foundational skill that offers developmental progress. By developing gross motor skills, children can build confidence in their bodies and strengthen their muscles.

Parents should understand that the activities and exercises that benefit them as adults are advantageous to the kids in a similar way. It helps them to lead a healthy lifestyle regardless of their age. Therefore, developing the skill will allow a child to grow and perform more complex skills in future.

Activities to develop gross motor skills

Tummy time

Tummy time is one of the first exercises performed by kids. It is an essential exercise that significantly helps in gross motor skill development. During tummy time, kids lie awake on their stomachs. It helps in visual, motor, and sensory development. Parents can perform tummy time with newborns as well and there is no age limit. In fact, through exercise, kids begin rolling on their tummies. 


Dancing is an ideal way to develop gross motor skills. You can either teach them indoor dance or enrol them in a dance class. Either way, your kid will develop balance, motor sequencing skills, and coordination in their steps. They will become aware of the rhythm of the music. For small babies, you can use songs whose lyrics include movements.


Teach your kid to knock down bowling pins using balls. Set up some skittles in your household or DIY them with household materials. For example, fill a set of plastic bottles with little sand or water to make them sturdy but light enough to knock over. If your kid gets bored of bowling, then use the bottles or pins to perform obstacle courses.


Babies need plenty of time for playing and exploring different activities. As parents, it is your responsibility to help them perform the activities in a fun way that will develop their motor skills.

Search for activities that will help in strengthening their muscles and sit up on their own. However, if you notice that your kid is facing difficulties in adopting gross motor skills, you should consult with an occupational therapist to avoid any complications in future.

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