What are Montessori Toys?

As a parent, you must be looking for an ideal toy for your child. Isn’t it? Well, when it comes to a Montessori setting, the toys encourage your child’s curiosity by reflecting on their everyday experience and encouraging repetition and purpose.

When providing carefully chosen toys, it is important to integrate Montessori learning into your child’s playroom. But how do you actually know if the toy us montessori in nature? and is montessori toys always suppose to be wooden?

Remains a constant question.

What are Montessori Toys?

Montessori toys are toys that are made of wood or cloth and passive in nature. In other words, child needs to take action in order to play with it. Unlike, plastic toys, montessori toys will not light up or do anything without touching it. 

Can you picture how your child would feel if they were exposed to the same abundance of toys and activities that we adults find to be overstimulating?

It would not be wrong to say that they would end up feeling overburdened if they are surrounded by toys that have an excessive number of colours, sounds, and pieces.

This is when the Montessori toys come to the rescue. The Montessori toys are basically the wooden toys that are preferably the most chosen ones as they are considered to be wholesome and secure. More precisely, wooden toys are said to be “genuine” toys for kids as they are made of organic materials like wood.

In addition to being strong and attractive, wood was used to make some of the earliest toys ever found. Furthermore, Montessori toys possess unique qualities that set them apart from regular toys. To be precise, the Montessori toys are simple, based on reality, functional and have limited choices.

Why Montessori Toys are Wooden?

There is not one reason why Montessori toys are wooden. Well, if you as a parent are looking forward to getting your toddler some Montessori toys, then you must be thinking about why they are made of wood in the first place. So to know about the reasons, you are suggested to check out the below pointers.

Visually Pleasing than Plastics

When Montessori toys are chosen, they make the baby’s nursery look more appealing because of their soothing and natural colours. You can choose pieces that emphasise the wood’s natural grain and corners that are rounded and soft.
Or, you can locate items with soft tones painted using secure materials.

When planning how to set up a Montessori nursery or playroom, the visual appeal of such Montessori toys is also crucial. For the finest learning environment where kids may learn independently and feel welcomed into a prepared atmosphere, having such toys in the room is crucial.

Made from Natural Materials

Besides the beauty of the wood, the thought of having these lovely toys improves a child’s environment and experience. These toys help infants to understand the value of natural materials early on in life. Children who play with wooden toys as a child are more likely to favour natural products in the future.

Young parents are becoming more concerned about the environment, which is another reason why natural materials are crucial. Wooden toys make a lot more sense as there is less use of plastic and more sustainably sourced materials. They are timeless and enduring. When untreated with chemicals, they are also a lot safer for the kids.

More Durable for Repetitive Learning

Plastic toys are prone to quickly break while wooden Montessori toys can provide continued learning and growth for years because of the durability they offer. The idea of independent repeating learning, especially for young children and newborns, is crucial and contributes to the success of Montessori education.

These toys may not have enough functions or provide fast delight to parents – but they do provide in-depth lectures on cognitive development, motor abilities, and other abstract ideas. Not to mention, it allows kids to build skills with time and at their own sweet pace.

No Health Issues

Montessori toys are made up of wood as they ensure minimal influence on the health of the baby. The varnish applied to the finished wooden toys is water-based and non-toxic.

On the other hand, they are less prone to split or break which implies that the child can play without worrying about getting hurt. Additionally, when you buy montessori toys that are made up of wood guarantees the engagement of toys with children.

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