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Tummy or floor time allows babies to spend some time on their stomachs when they are awake. It is important for kids since it helps them in learning how to lift their heads, crawl around the house, and eventually walk.

Tummy or floor time is ideal for babies and can be considered their first exercise. This blog states the importance of tummy time and provides necessary information regarding the topic.

Importance of tummy time

Tummy time is important as it helps to prevent babies from having flat spots on the back of their heads. Since kids constantly sleep on their backs, there is a major tendency for them to develop a flat spot.

Tummy time helps to prevent such circumstances. It allows shoulder and neck muscles to become stronger and helps in gross motor skill development. When you allow babies to spend time on their bellies, they use their muscles and hence get developed.

As per experts, babies generally sleep on their backs to reduce the threat of sudden infant death syndrome. Through tummy time, babies find an opportunity to try a new lying position which relieves them from lying on their back at all times.

When should you begin tummy time?

There is no specific time to begin tummy time for your baby. From the day they arrive, you can begin tummy time by including two to three sessions each day. However, ensure that the sessions are not too long and last for three to five minutes. Lengthen the sessions gradually with your baby’s growth.

They will begin showing enjoyment during their floor time and can build strength for crawling, sitting, rolling, and even walking. When your kid is three months old, you should try to attain at least an hour of tummy time in a day. Therefore, you can break the time into small parts to achieve efficiency.

Tips for tummy time

For conducting tummy time, you should choose a time during which your baby is at their happiest. They stay alert and feel interested in their surroundings.

  • You can make tummy time more fun by lying alongside your kid and blabbing with them. Talk about the things you see around you and show them pictures of different things.
  • Hold a non-breakable mirror in front of your baby and allow them to see their reflection. Sing with them and stroke their hands to help them comprehend your presence. Since the baby is on their tummy, it will be difficult for them to see you.
  • Try floor and tummy time in different locations to make it more interesting. Parents can put various toys around the kid to encourage them to move their eyes and head. However, they need to ensure that tummy time is conducted on a low and safe surface. Avoid putting them on the sofa or bed as they can roll off.


Tummy time is great for facilitating development and encouraging exploration in babies. However, parents need to be aware of the sudden infant death syndrome. They need to be careful at all times and never leave their baby alone during tummy time.

If the baby falls asleep on their stomach, the risk of the syndrome increases. Roll the toddler on their back even if they fall asleep on their tummy. Apart from that, you can play as much as you want with your baby during tummy or floor time and encourage shoulder and neck muscle development.

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