Why do babies love the tissue box?

They are sensitive to their environment from birth and pick up various things to develop a curious eye. This embedded eagerness helps children explore beyond what is provided to them by their parents. 

Children discover things every day, so their thirst for knowing more is what parents need to encourage. Parents often do not need to push their children to ‘make’ them do something because their curiosity pushes them to do it independently. 

One of the most valuable things parents could provide children to nurture this drive, a part of Montessori learning, is the Montessori magic tissue box.

What is the Montessori Magic Tissue Box?

The Montessori magic tissue box is a tool for you to use for your baby to learn how the actions of pulling and pushing. However, at six months of age, your baby might need guidance on how to do it first. Hence, it is advisable for you to demonstrate the action a few times before they naturally catch on with you.

Touch receptors in your baby’s fingertips provide feedback about the environment. Place the multicolored tissues in a box or on a plate on the floor before them for free investigation during the time on the stomach or in a supported sitting posture.

Why do babies love the Magic Tissue Box?

Children are God’s most beautiful creation. A child is the representation of beauty and innocence for many people. Therefore, eager parents wish to do their best to nurture their children, so they grow into strong and healthy beings.

Whether you happen to be a parent or not, children are born learners with a natural thirst for knowledge. A Montessori magic tissue box helps children learn through play.

The tissue box’s design makes it convenient for children to understand how to differentiate between the actions of putting something in and taking something out from the age of 6 months.

Benefits of playing with the Tissue Box

The Montessori tissue box is beneficial to your baby in the following ways:

  1. It aids in the development of fine motor abilities.
  2. Shaking the tissue box produces a rattling sound, and tipping the lid causes it to fall, so their learning of cause and effect is mirrored in their playtime.
  3. They quickly learn to distinguish between colors.
  4. Playing with the Montessori magic tissue box helps to strengthen hand-eye coordination.
  5. They learn about the shapes and textures of things and how they feel to the touch.
  6. This playtime also includes feelings like surprise, pleasure, exhilaration, and anticipation.

The Takeaway

Your 5-6-month-old infant will engage in sensory exploration. At the same time, they learn more about the connection between cause and effect and develop neural pathways driven by sound and sight with the magic tissue box. 

The Montessori magic tissue box helps your baby develop into an intelligent child by allowing them to interact and negotiate with all of the emotions and situational stimuli they encounter during playtime. Remember to support their creative approach and feed their curiosity.

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