5 Best Montessori Toys for Your Toddler for Skill Development

Hey, is your little one going to be the first year or has turned into? If yes, we guess it’s time to tap into their natural inclination to learn to develop their fine motor skills and better growth. And, the best way to do so is to let your babies play with Montessori toys. You can find these classic educational toys for toddlers anywhere in Australia, especially online.

But, with too many options, you may feel bewildered, like “Which Educational Toys Are the Best for Your Little One?” Don’t worry! In today’s blog, we have suggested some best Montessori toddler toys for a baby’s first year. Let’s get started.

Best Montessori Toys for Your Toddler

Montessori Toys for First Year You Can Pick for their Better Growth

When your baby is about one year old or just has turned into this age, you will often find them trying to grasp things, solve puzzles or reach and scoot for any item. Yet, give educational toys to encourage their attempts and improve their motor skills. For instance:

Montessori Rolling Drum

If you want to keep your little one entertained for hours, it’s the most adorable toy to pick. Montessori rolling drums help these toddlers to develop a new way of coordinating their senses, like the sound, when they roll the toy moving along, grasp it, or shake it. Your little one will surely love its colours and patterns and chase after it. Here’s how you can teach your baby to play with it:

  • Roll the drum out of your baby’s reach
  • Lay them on their back
  • Encourage them to reach and scoot

Montessori Shape Puzzle

Montessori Shape Puzzles are the best way to unlock the problem-solving skills of your child. This hands-on activity stimulates your baby’s brain development and hand-eye coordination, alongside a sense of accomplishment through their placement of correct shapes, which is important in early childhood. Also, it will develop fine motor skills in your little ones.

Montessori Toys for First Year

Wood Rattle Toys

Wood rattle toys often come in a set, including a rolling bell, wooden rattle and wooden disc. These wooden Montessori toys will help your toddlers develop fine motor skills, grasping skills and visual and sound-tracking abilities.

  • The rolling bell will encourage their tummy time. Just make the bell ring, encourage your baby to reach it and scoot.
  • You can shake the wooden rattle in front of your child’s face in a rhythm. They will start tracking the sound with their eyes and understand the difference soon if you vary the rhythm pattern.
  • Wooden discs will enhance their grasping skills and build up their fine motor skills.

Note: All these may take some time and practice. So, don’t worry!

Stainless Steel Glass

According to speech pathologists, letting babies use open glasses or cups allows muscle build-up in the mouth used for forming sounds. You can use stainless steel glass here as they are free from chemicals, making them a great choice to introduce to your baby for drinking water. Make sure you give a small amount of water during meal times. At first, they may drop the glass on the floor but will learn slowly how to grab it, pour water and drink it.

Object Performance Box

With this Montessori toddler toy, you can make your little one understand the world. It will help them learn that out of sight doesn’t mean no existence! It is an amazing way to develop cognitive skills in your baby and educate them about object performance boxes. Here, the little ones put the ball in and take the ball out, which is fun and learning in one.

Where to Buy Wooden Montessori Toys for Toddlers

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