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Introduction: The Montessori Approach to Child-Proofing

Montessori method is a child first approach to education and child-proofing. It is based on the idea that children learn best from direct experiences and interactions with the environment.

The Montessori method of child-proofing is not about keeping a baby away from every possible danger. It is about making sure that there are no dangers in their way, so they can explore their world freely, without any risk of hurting themselves or others.


Baby Bedrooms

Montessori floor bed is about 15 inch mattress and low on the ground. Once baby is rolling, having less height bars are recommended so baby can climb out as they grow. Less height bars teach baby about the edges of bed at early age.


Baby bath

It will be a while before baby can use this space but it can be arranged at early age. There should be specific place for baby’s brush.

Potty training can be started at early age of 1 year however parents should follow the child. Some babies may not get ready until age of 3.


Baby Entrance

Hooks in the hallway so that baby learns where things go after entering home.


child proofing tips for toddlers

Lower cupboard and drawer for baby’s plate and bowl so that they learn where things are before they start to walk

Drawer full of wooden spoon, whisk and other utensils for baby to explore

Eating area

Once baby starts sitting, lower size table and chair is preferred for dinning

Involve baby while having dinner in high chair without tray. Chair without tray make baby feel they are not far from the table and feels involved.

Changing Area

Baby Changing area

Have a place where all the things are ready for changing diapers. You can hang a mobile above the changing mat so baby stays distracted and stays steady.

By the time baby is standing, they may resist lying down so we can use small stool for us and change nappy while baby is standing.

Living Room

Baby Living room
  • Movement mat for baby to stretch muscles after wake up
  • Once baby is crawling, low hanging mirror so that she can learn about body parts
  • Baby gym to hang mobiles
  • Basket containing upto 6 books for baby to read and explore
  • Montessori table and chair for activities and eating
  • Avoid using foam mat as it is tipping hazard


In this method, children are given the freedom to learn through self-directed interaction with both physical materials and age-appropriate activities. The parents’ role is to guide the learning process, not to instruct or say no in everything.

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