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As parents, we all want our children to develop a love of reading books. It’s not just about teaching them to read, but also about instilling a lifelong love of learning. Montessori philosophy places a strong emphasis on the importance of books and reading, and offers several tips for fostering a love of books in your Montessori baby.

Here are some ways to incorporate a love of reading and books into your Montessori baby’s daily routine

Make books easily accessible

Ensure that your baby has access to books in various parts of the home, such as in their bedroom, living room, or play area. Make sure they are easily accessible and at their eye level.

Read to your baby regularly

Set aside a regular time each day for reading to your baby. This will help establish a routine and a love of reading.

Choose developmentally appropriate books

Choose books that are developmentally appropriate for your baby’s age and interests. Board books with bright colors and simple words are great for young babies, while picture books with more detailed illustrations and stories are better suited for older babies.

Let your baby explore books

Encourage your baby to explore books by letting them touch and handle them. This helps to build a positive association with books and reading.

Use books as a tool for learning

Books can be used as a tool for learning in Montessori education. Use books to introduce new concepts and ideas to your baby, such as shapes, colors, and animals.

Model a love of reading

Set an example for your baby by reading books yourself. This shows them that reading is important and enjoyable.

Join a library or book club

Joining a library or book club can expose your baby to a wider range of books and reading experiences. Many libraries and book clubs also offer story times and other events for young children.

Fostering a love of reading and books in your Montessori baby takes time and patience, but the benefits are immeasurable. By making books easily accessible, reading to your baby regularly, choosing developmentally appropriate books, and letting your baby explore books, you can help instill a lifelong love of learning and reading in your child.

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