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All of us know that the basic aim of Montessori activities is to make sure that the baby develops from all aspects. When we talk about the segment of 6-month-old babies, they are actually a lot more cognitively developed than we think. The basic aim of the Montessori activities is to make sure that the baby can have a better impetus for growth. 

In simple words, it refers to how much the development process can be boosted. Today we are going to be talking about some basic Montessori activities that kids falling in the age range of 6 months should practice. It is actually the duty of the parents and the primary caregiver to make it a daily habit. We have tried to segment the entire process into various bits. 

Montessori Activities For 6-Month-Old Babies To Follow

While some people think that the 6-month-old bracket is too young, in reality, it is ideal to start the practice. When we talk about Montessori activities, they can be segmented into the following and each of them is very vital.

Language-Based Activities


Montessori Language-Based Activities

The first area that needs to be developed is none other than language-based activities. You will see that as kids approach the 6 months threshold, they start to notice that your lips are instrumental in helping you to talk. 

They start noticing how the lip moves and this kickstarts the babbling process. A very crucial thing that you can do is talk more in front of them. Not only that, but you also have to make sure to encourage them when they are babbling. 

If these activities are done correctly, then the baby will be able to get the basics like “bye-bye” or even “look who is there”! 

To promote language-based development, make sure that you indulge for at least a few minutes every day. Look at your baby and make an impact with your lips. They will try to imitate and in due time with the babbling, they will be able to speak as well. 

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Apart from that, once they have crossed the six-month threshold, they will be able to make out names as well. You can promote it with activities like saying out the name loud and then pointing towards the person or the object. 

Movement-Based Activities

Montessori Movement--Based Activities

The next segment which is equally important is movement-based activities. Here the focus is on gross motor skills which make sure that the baby has complete control of the large muscles. 

Not only that, fine motor skills like finger dexterity are also at bay during this age range. During the six-month threshold, the baby is indulged in activities which can focus on their visionary capabilities and fine motor skills. You can actually introduce activities like reaching out or placing obstacles in front of them. 

Babies who are six months old will try to stretch themselves a bit to get hold of the object in front of them. Not only that, they will slowly learn that the obstacle which has been placed in front of them can be removed. 

You can also introduce the concept of tactile mobiles at this juncture. Here these can be touched and are indeed great Montessori activities for your 6-month-old baby. The mobile can be hung over their head and the baby can interact as well as reach out for the same.  Tactile mobile-based activities are indeed very interactive.

Music-Based Activities

baby Music-Based Activities-

And lastly, another essential and prominent form of Montessori activity is the music-based options. Here the baby’s development takes place with the help of music and it is indeed very important. 

You will see that babies will very often shake their heads to the rhythm and this helps them to understand the language. Not only that, but instruments are also crucial. At the same time, make sure that you do not keep playing music continuously as it could be problematic.

Montessori-based activities when we talk about the age range of 6 months are quite varied. However, make sure that you follow each of them and make sure your kids have a routine to follow.

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